TALAGA (2020)

  • Mona Bakht

Talaga is a documentary which responds to the question ‘where are you really from?’ A film which explores the journey of the Filipino diaspora within London visually and sonically communicated through phone call narratives between a mother and daughter and their personal experiences. Meeting people at the forefront of the Filipino movement from inside the lens of London, visiting rich themes such as Religion, Food, and Family. Mona Bakht is London-based creative recently graduating from studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at Central Saint Martins. Her practice focuses primarily around filmmaking and photography, with a lo-fi style reminiscent of the 80's and raw documentation of cultures and communities. From moving image to editorial shoots, Mona is able to show the world her multidisciplinary style in the form of storytelling. Directed, produced and shot by Mona Bakht Sound Design: Louis Grace AC: Leonie Cecile Featuring: The Scalbrini Brothers, St Georges Cathedral Southwark, Kapihan, The Adoboros, Sarap, Romulo Cafe, Food with Mae, Lee Appleton & Lawrence Alba