Talisker Whisky 'Stories From The Wilderness Bar'

  • Jenna Foxton
  • Al Shaibani

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is an annual 3,000-mile rowing challenge across the Atlantic from the coast of La Gomera to Antigua. To celebrate the rowers the Wilderness Bar was created. I was commissioned to document this opportunity for all involved in the race to mingle and hear inspiring words from Talisker Whisky Atlantic rowers, both past and present, as well as ocean conservationists, Parley for the Oceans, endurance athlete Ross Edgley and adventurer James Aiken. Getting to the bar was a challenge all its own; accessible only by boat on a secluded, stony beach, lined by a wall of tall, jagged and eroded rocks. Built entirely from sustainable and natural materials, the bar, based on La Gomera close to the start line, took just one week to make ahead of the launch of the race, and then it disappeared the following day, without a trace.