'Talk' Mens Mental Health Campaign

For Creative Conscience I decided to create an animation for Mens Mental Health to try to get men talking about their feelings to reduce suicide.

The brief was to create an animation for Men’s Mental Health to raise awareness and encourage men to open up and talk about their feelings. The animation had to have a positive feel to it to encourage men to make a change in their lives. I decided to do this project alone, as I wanted to improve my Adobe After Effects skills.

I decided that the best way to do this was to create a gateway to the solution, in this case an app. After seeing an animation explaining the app, there was an action that helped users to talk about their feelings with someone who isn’t family and who isn’t as serious as a Samaritan.

I created an animation based around my app as I felt this was the best way to encourage men to talk. For the animation I created a brand named ‘Talk .’, the aim of which was to get men talking about mental health issues. My feedback suggested that simple illustrations worked well as a way of storytelling, while also adding a positive feel through the use of colours. I feel as if I have developed my design skills and conceptual thinking during this project.

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Stephanie Marsh

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  • Student at The Arts University Bournemouth

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  • After Effects
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