TALKING MONEY: Want to know the secret of charging what you're worth?

Are you under-charging? Is your best creative work going under-appreciated? Maybe you feel like the ‘struggling artist’ cliché is true, and you’re even considering giving up..... STOP right there and sign up for our workshop immediately! There are clients out there that WILL pay you loads of money for the amazing work you do, and we will show you how to start showing up so these clients find you. In this workshop we talk about the awkward topic of MONEY. We will delve into outdated money beliefs and transform them into version 2019 so this year flows for you in creativity AND cash. Join us on Tuesday 19th March 2019 at 6.00pm in Campfire, Shoreditch. This workshop is run by the Creative Coaching Collective- a group of four coaches with one mission - to empower creatives.

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