Talking Taboos with Daye podcast

  • Emma-Louise Boynton

At long last, the time has come for me to announce the new podcast series I’ve been cooking up for the brilliant team at @meetdaye. When I was asked to create Daye’s first podcast series, the topic seemed to me obvious. Daye’s whole mission is to close the gender pain gap and tackle the myriad taboos that exist around women’s health. They know that only when we are able to discuss a topic properly can we find solutions to the issues that surround it - hence their unfiltered exploration of topics ranging from periods to sex to STIs. It occurred to me then that what this podcast series needed to do was continue Daye’s ongoing work tackling social taboos around women’s health and well-being, and further open up a space in which we can have more frank and honest conversations around these topics. Throughout the series I delve into topics ranging from anorexia, to sex after trauma, to living with a sex and porn addiction, and on each episode I interview someone who has personally experienced that week’s taboo topic, before turning to an expert in the field who can shed some professional insight on the issue at hand. Be prepared for some fascinating conversations. Listen on your favourite platform here: