TAQ L'Oiseau

Brand Identity

TAQ L’Oiseau is a luxury bakery and delicatessen situated in a prestigious area in Paris: Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 189.
It is the combination of its two young ambitious owners:
Antoine Tacchini or TAQ – which also stands for Tradition, Authenticité and Qualité – and Bastien LoiseauL’oiseau, the other part of the brand name – who embodies the new generation of the culinary tradition he inherited.
The identity of the brand mixes modernity, tradition and refinement: the boldness of TAQ combined with L’oiseau in handwritten type. Between them, a simplified frieze symbolizing an idea of luxury, as found in French Aristocracy.
The deep royal green was inspired by the marbled environment chosen for the space.

I decided to show this project through a series of mockups vs. photographs to convey how I would ideally see the brand evolve in a near future and within its environment.

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Natacha Oberson

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