Director and writer of stylised, satirical, non-linear story lines with iconic violent scenes interspersed with clever twists and extended dialogue. His use of high quality actors which fit the part perfectly; despite their current cultural relevance or fame has created a series of cult classics. 
Originating as a video store clerk with a failed acting attempt on the way, Tarantino taught himself to write and direct. Perhaps this failed acting attempt is the reason he has a small cameo in every film he makes. 
Tarantino has won countless awards but the real success of his influence can be seen in thousands of homes across the world; posters, T-shirts, DVD box sets, merchandise and fancy dress costumes. He has transcended the role of director and has himself become an iconic figure.
His handling of race is as unflinching and candid as his depiction of violence. As well as this Tarantino was a purveyor of equality in terms of his inclusion of female characters. 
Kill Bill is one of the few films with a female protagonist (outside the romantic comedy genre) and his subtle portrayal of a female taxi-driver in Pulp Fiction shatters multiple stereotypes without entering the conscious of the viewer. 
One of the least known public appearances of Tarantino occurred in the 90s, immediately after the premiere of Pulp Fiction at Cannes. It took place where the 1992 British premiere of Resevoir Dogs took place, Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. 
Tarantino returned to England, bringing with him the same tape of Pulp Fiction shown at Cannes Film Festival and took it to the tiny cinema in Nottingham. It was the second time Broadway Cinema had hosted the British premiere of a Tarantino film and he described the venue as his favourite cinema in the UK. 
His understated and humble treatment of his own work shows his complete unawareness that he has created some of the most engaging, timeless and entertaining films in the past century and has influence modern film culture perhaps more than any other director. 

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