• Valentina Jacks
  • Radha Pleijsant

Echt Oranje (“Real Orange”) A year before the Summer 2016 Olympic games in Rio, we were challenged with a pitch to create a campaign concept that would inspire the Netherlands to get to know, follow the journey and rally up for their national team (TeamNL). To face the challenge we created a concept, Echt Oranje (Real Orange), which revolves around one question: what is it truly like to be an Olympian from the small country of the Netherlands, taking on the world? The answers are given by the athletes themselves, who give us unfiltered and close-up insight into their daily lives. We wanted to get into the hearts, sweat and minds of the athletes and get to know them far beyond the pixels that appear on our screens during the games. We believed that by doing this, we could not only inspire the nation only to believe in their athletes, but to follow their personal journeys to Rio on the TeamNL app. Having won the pitch alongside my copywriter, Rene van der Hoofd, I went on the art direct and create concepts for the whole campaign from TV, outdoor, digital, social and print. Our intention throughout the campaign was the capture the closeness, sweatiness and rawness of each athlete while showing the extreme effort that goes into being an Olympian.

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