Tempo // Sport Metronome TWS

  • Gianni Teruzzi

Control the rhythm of your pace on-the-go. Tempo is a sport metronome 'true wireless system' that smartly leverages the motivational power of music to push the user’s performances to the next level.

Music plays a vital role in the territory of sport and exercise science; decades of research have proven the positive and motivational impact music has on our performances. Music however also has the secondary effect of getting us off our own rhythm because we naturally and unconsciously pace ourselves to the tune's tempo. Most of us therefore tend to avoid music whilst exercising, unless it is specifically set up to guide and motivate our pace (e.g. a spin class).

Tempo empowers you to smash through your targets faster, by leveraging the motivational power of rhythm in music. It is a sport metronome that enables you to conveniently & rapidly control and adjust the beat that you listen to on-the-go, in the middle of an exercise or throughout a routine.

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