Tender Touches Book

  • Peach Doble
  • Pietro Garrone
  • Ines Neto dos Santos

Tender Touches Book serves to be a cross between an archive, cookbook, instruction manual and artist book, sharing and opening up access to all the material and resources generated by the exhibition that took place in Peckham during the Summer of 2019.

Published by Open Space, with co-authors Huma Kabakcı & Inês Neto dos Santos switching between palette and palate, Tender Touches is a collaborative bite: bubbling in between kitchen, open studio and gallery. Moving through conversations, ideas and experiments, the project touches upon ideas of care and co-creation, relational art, aesthetics and social practice. This book designed by Pietro Garrone and edited by Peach Doble including illustrations, chronicles and expands on the physical happening of Tender Touches, widening its community to form a recipe for a vibrant, social art space of your own. So set the table. Tender Touches is a synaesthetic love letter; a gentle kiss, to leave you with full bellies and fizzing thoughts.