Thais Yanai | Branding & Brand Identity

  • Soraia Soares

Dr. Thais Yanai is a nutritionist and helps women who are mothers and entrepreneurs to take better care of themselves, have a healthier and more balanced life, and transform themselves from the inside out. Her purpose is to bring more balance and health to these women's lives, in a light, fun, empathetic and very conscious way. After 4 months working in a dedicated way on her Branding, discovering and defining each pillar of her brand, we proceed to the brand's visual system, where we created a Strategic Visual Identity following all her Essence and Purpose. Brand Essence Empathic, Organic, Organized, Fun, Conscious Expanded Identity: Mentoring, Informal, Balanced, Confidence, Premium, Inspiring, Human, Modern We aren't: Conservative, Sexist, Traditional, Childish, Rigid Symbol Concepts Tulip - The tulip represents true and eternal love. It also symbolizes the evolution and growth process, as this plant has a long period of germination, taking more than 6 months to start to be born. Plant - The plant represents birth, transformation and evolution. At first it's just a seed, which will germinate and become a healthy plant, which will either flower or bear fruit. This will be a metaphorical representation for the evolution process of women who seek Thais Yanai. Star - Is a light source that illuminates navigators in the darkest nights, and when connected they help them in their journey. Thais Yanai will be the mentor who will guide these women to find their self-love. Colors & Typography The colors selected for the brand are Salmon, Dark Blue, Ivory and Light Blue. This combination conveys lightness and energy at the same time, and also shows the professional, firm and friendly side of the brand. For the typography, two sans serif fonts were chosen, to convey lightness and proximity. The font used in the name is more dynamic, elegant and organic, while the slogan font is simpler and easier to read. Hope you like as much as I do! :)