Thanks To Our Vets | Vets4Pets

We all know that pets can be a handful — but whether that’s due to a bout of poor health or simply a knack for mischief, we always know we can rely on the local vet to help out when our furry friends land themselves in trouble. The tireless work of veterinarians is commemorated in this powerful new film from The&Partnership and Pets at Home’s Vets4Pets, directed by Tom Green of Stink Films. By spotlighting the passion, dedication and commitment that unites the field, the film offers “a long overdue thank you to an often-overlooked industry and a calling card for the recruits it desperately needs,” says Pets at Home executive creator director Toby Allen. We were touched to be invited to be a part of this moving dedication by providing an original composition for the film’s score. Alongside a mixture of documentary and dramatised footage, we utilised the sounds of lilting strings and gentle pianos, which ebb and flow across the film to imbue the journey with a breadth of emotions — from anxiety and grief to hopefulness and joy.