The 40 Year Old Picnic

Devon mother of 2 Sarah Jo Robinson found crisp packets, sweet wrappers and drinks bottles from estimated to be from 1980/81 buried in the sand on Saunton Beach in Braunton, North Devon. Sarah, an avid environmentalist regularly picks up litter on her beach walks with daughters Phoebe aged 11, Meadow aged 7 and their dog Haze. Sarah says " I was pretty shocked to find so much in one place, as I'm used to finding it sporadically, often in the Sand dunes or in the shore line. I just can't believe I found someones picnic, from 40 years ago, buried on the beach in still near perfect condition". Saunton Sands, a long straight sandy beach backed by the impressive Braunton Burrows a UNESCO world heritage site. The beauty spot is also recognisable from Pink Floyd's "Momentary Lapse of Reason" cover, where 700 hospital beds were laid out and the music video to Robbie Williams 90’s hit “Angels”. A short documentary by Dean Chapple and Daniel Gotz.