The Alliance of Her

When more women have political power, we all thrive This International Women’s Day we’re proud to see the launch of ‘The Alliance of Her’ – Europe’s leading platform for liberal women in politics. Formally known as the European Women’s Academy, we repositioned and rebranded the platform in partnership with our sister design studio, Oval. With a strong history of creating campaigns championing equality and women’s rights for the likes of Stonewall and Plan International respectively, the team at Mr. President were selected to transform the European Women's Academy from a training platform with a narrow focus and small reach, into a global brand that could unify everyone who cares about the issues that liberal women in politics care about. “We wanted to create a brand that resonated with people inside and outside the world of politics - regardless of their geography or gender.” says Jon Gledstone, Partner and ECD at Mr.President. “Because this isn’t just an equality issue, this is something that affects every single one of us. When liberal women get to have positions of power in politics we all win - so we needed to create a brand and a rallying cry that motivated the movement.” Launching with the new ‘She Will Be Heard’ tagline, the branding is designed to be ‘loud’ and demand attention with it’s bright colours and bold graphic style, and was created by Mr.President’s dedicated design studio, Oval. Designed to be used across all of the physical and digital touchpoints of the platform, the new branding launches with a rousing manifesto film that sets out the mission of The Alliance of Her.