• mark downes
So what’s the Alphabravos about? Really Really?
Well, the Alphabravos, is in fact nothing to do with the Alphabravos.
Well-ish. Sure, they’re great and smart and fun and ninja. But really really? It’s about something waaaaay bigger than them.
The Alphabravos is in fact all about teaching children that nothing and no one is too big, too ugly, too evil or too scary to be beaten or brought down. Ever.
And that all you need to do is find the weak spot, the flaw or the chink in the armour and go for it.
Which means that [much to his delight], The Alphabravos is really all about Mdudu, the biggest baddest bug Baddie of them all.
He is evil beyond evil, with bells on. His unrelenting quest to destroy the planet and everything on it is staggering. The upside is that, thankfully, like all tyrannical tyrants, he’s also staggeringly vain, petulant, highly flawed, easily distracted and actually a bit crap with a serious addiction to breakfast burritos and techno music.
So he’s got a lot of weak spots. Which brings us back to our point.
And that’s what the Alphabravos are really all about. Showing us how finding the weak spots in bad things and situations and people, and using all of your smarts and skills and guile and moves to outwit, bluff, trip up and confuse them is the way to win. However big and however ugly. And that you can have a LOT of fun doing it. BRAVO!
THE Alphabravos ® is a multi-platform world that brings the whole ‘smart and small beats big and ugly every time’ ethos to technicolour screenage life. The world and the characters are primarily powered by a darkly humourous and slightly camp animated series. Every storyline aims to educate and entertain – and inspire 4-7 year old kids across the globe to take on the big ugly stuff, and that NO-ONE is bigger than planet earth. It’s a place of wonder and awe, and it’s worth saving from the clutches of Mdudu poo-heads and celebrating whenever you can.
Apart from his royal Mdudu camp evilness [natch] there are 26 Alphabravos in total and 5 main characters lead our adventures. ECHO, ROMEO, INDIA, OSCAR & ZULU. They can sort pretty much anything with their super dooper power moves, but they can’t do it alone – they still need help. The Alphabravos is the story of how they continuously foil and thwart Mdudu’s machinations and have some fun along the way. Bravo!