The Art Auction

  • Gy Nguyen
  • Andras Kresak
Throughout my time studying designing, I have realized that different art movements have impacted one another and developed through different times, along with the changes in society. This project aims to demonstrate my perspective of my two favorite art movements: Dada from Anti Art Movement, and Minimalism from Modern Art Movement. In my opinion, every art movement unfolds a distinct value, a distinct spirit, a distinct thought of life and society. I hope that by seeing different angles that capture the beauty within two of my works, your senses will be in touch with even just a small part of this great art world.
Directed by GY Nguyen
3D Design by GY Nguyen
Graphic design by GY Nguyen
3D Motion by Gy Nguyen
Edite by GY Nguyen + Vũ Đức Hiếu
Music by Bonobo


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