The Art of Hip Hop Podcast

  • Lily Bonesso
  • Tolani Shoneye

Visit here to hear the episode: This episode is a brief introduction to how the culture of hip hop has collided with art forms such as painting, installation art, photography and film. We follow its beginnings as an artistic and socio-political movement in the Bronx in the early 70s to its many manifestations throughout culture today. Hip hop’s rich history goes beyond its engagement with visual arts. The genre holds an important space within discussions around race and social change, too complex to do justice to here. Discover the late Keith Haring’s take on graffiti through his subway drawings and billboards such as Crack is Wack, as well as contemporary artists such as Chris Ofili, who references hip hop’s cut and paste approach. Join us as we take a whistle stop tour with curators, musicians and visual artists about the influence of this art form and how hip hop’s ability to bring together multiple mediums in one space has revolutionized the creative industry. The Art of HipHop is a Boomshakalaka production, produced by Tolani Shoneye.

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