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  • Elizabeth Ogabi
These days starting a business (or a side hustle) is a bit like owning a little black dress, everyone seems to want one! The hardest part of creating a business is starting, what are the first steps you need to take? A question we sometimes ponder on for so long that we eventually take no action. Or maybe you're new to the entrepreneurial journey and need more confidence and practical advice on how to build a brand. 
On Thursday, 7 February, Join me for a conversation with Lana Elie (Founder of Floom Offical), Florence Adepoju (Founder of MDMflow), Christine Sotiriou (co-founder of SILKE London), Maria Sotiriou (Co-founder of SILKE London) as we discuss and give practical advice on how to take your idea and make it into a profitable business or brand. They will share their tried and tested advice, from launching with no product to using social media to build a strong engaged community.
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See you then, Liz Founder, For Working Ladies