The Barn Brand Identity

  • Ellie Matthissen

Like many others, Arla are now enjoying the cost-saving benefits of bringing their content creation in-house. In 2018, along with the help of experienced partner, Studio Roo, they began the job of setting up a creative content studio in their Danish HQ. The venture has already enjoyed proven success with the Media team driving 60% more video views for 45% of the budget for Lurpak, and achieving a 33% cost saving for three times as much engagement for Unika. The initiative is now being rolled out across other regions in Europe and MENA. Initially, I worked alongside a copywriter on the naming and positioning of the new studio. It was vital that the name inspired creative confidence amongst the Arla brand managers, whilst at the same time sharing some dairy DNA with the brand. Several options were put forward, but The Barn was chosen for its overt link to the farm – ever key to Arla’s success. The final design sees the name set in Arla’s own font and contained within a shape inspired by a Tetra Pak milk carton. The marque is symbolic of the in-house model, whilst the vibrant palette adds an exciting new dynamic to Arla’s existing colours.