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A Day in the Life of an Aspiring Radio Presenter 

How do you go from attending Big Music’s CV Surgery to securing a job with Capital XTRA? Aspiring radio presenter, Busola did just that.
We caught up with her to discuss how it all happened.

Great to see you Busola, thanks for joining us!

I appreciate you having me!

What have you been up to recently?

I’m currently a radio presenter on Reprezent Radio. I’m on air every Sunday from 8am-10am. I also volunteer at Reprezent as an assistant station supervisor and work as a freelance producer at Global for Capital XTRA.

Sounds like you’re keeping busy. What initially sparked your interest in radio?

My love for music and sharing music! After finishing my four-year undergraduate course in sociology and politics, I came to terms with the fact that I’m only really good at two things: entertaining the masses and getting information out to the world in an exciting way.
The turning point for me was realising how many people shared my exact opinions on music, and how much I loved having conversations with people about it. I took on a short 12-week ‘Introduction to Radio’ course at Reprezent Radio in February 2017 and haven’t look back, to be honest.

That’s really cool, sometimes it takes a while to realise your true calling. 


What made you want to join Global?

I had visited Global numerous times through The Big Music Project prior to applying for the internship. Then I attended the Big Music CV Surgery at Global and the advice given to me was invaluable. I was finding it difficult to convert my corporate looking CV into a more creative, industry type CV. Being shown around and seeing the opportunities Global offered made it easy to apply.

It’s good to know you used opportunities available to reach your dreams. It’s even better to know that the opportunities came from Big Music!

Haha, I know what you mean.

So, how did you get your role with Capital XTRA?

I went through Global’s recruitment process online, attended interviews with the managing editor of the brand, then luckily secured the post. I was one of 300 applicants, so felt very honoured to have been chosen.

Amazing! How long have you been in your role for?

I interned at Capital XTRA as an assistant producer for 3 months and have been kept on as a freelance casual worker.

Nice, well done on turning an internship into a more long-term role. Tell us about when you got the call from Capital XTRA?

I screamed, cried and prayed! I couldn’t believe I got the phone call from my soon to be boss!

We can imagine how you must’ve felt!

A little secret – I didn’t actually believe it until I received the confirmation email. I was that much in shock!
To be fair, it is a massive opportunity, so I can understand why you may have been doubtful at first. So, what were your day-to-day tasks?
I initially worked evening shifts 5 days a week. My tasks consisted of finding content for Yinka’s show, building app scripts for her show, editing interviews and building shows on audition, inputting metadata on pre-recorded shows and manoeuvring radio software like Geneysis.

That sounds really technical… but cool at the same time!

I also worked as an assistant producer, broadcasting live for the 2017 MOBO Awards!

That is amazing! You must’ve been buzzing!

Definitely, it felt surreal at the time.

So, how do you manage your time with tasks?

Every minute counts in radio, so I write out what I need to do and the deadline for it.

Did you face any challenges working at Capital XTRA?

Radio is an extremely fast-paced environment, so managing time was a challenge at first, but I improved as time passed.

Have you got a personal highlight from working at Capital XTRA?

My top three highlights would have to be 100% meeting Yinka Bokinni, seeing the hard work that the Capital XTRA team put into producing great radio shows and meeting Wretch 32 in the flesh!

Endless perks with the job right!?


What are your career aspirations and goals?

I am passionate about becoming a leading broadcaster in radio and a trusted name in the music industry.

That’s really cool, can you share some key tips for those wanting to break into the creative industry?

I am still learning, but one thing I am grateful to have learnt is that everyone’s journey is different, so don’t be discouraged if the person you admire got their big break at 20 even though you’re 27. Keep going and if the bulb dies – your passion will reignite it.

That’s great advice, Busola – I agree with that. What should we expect from you in the future?

I plan to challenge myself creatively and put out more visual content. I will also be launching my brand called ‘Afropella’ which is a platform that will use pure vocals to highlight the growing appreciation of Afrobeats here in the UK.

That sounds exciting! We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you, and we appreciate you speaking with us today!

Thanks, Big Music!
Busola is a future star you need to follow. We wish her all the best in her upcoming plans.


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