The Black Friday Paintings

  • Sebastian Koseda
Black Friday Paintings
27.11.00 - 28.11.00

- 46” Ultra High Quality Oil Paintings.
Featuring stunning displays of disparity and optimised realism.
The co-ordinated global intersection of demand and supply contained in a curated violent media spectacle.

- Stunning Contrast
Colour, contrast and status are highlighted and amplified, the audience are welcomed to join a sharp display of imbalance. Scenes can be repackaged as optimum entertainment, broadcast back to the viewer on the very devices that are being fought over. Multi-Media betrayal in high definition.

-The Ultimate solution for Connected Viewing.
Stunning aspirational Imagery and idealistic language to usher the financially marginalised into a cinematic frenzy, participants are reframed as savages, hungry for high-quality media consumption, battling over devices that propagate their own value to the point of violence. The must have TV’s as seen on TV, an orchestrated hyper consumerist playback loop.
The socio economic total meltdown sale.
Mail order painting commission in collaboration with Yu Hung
The Black Friday paintings aim to address the annual display of class disparity fuelled by media, exposing a tradition of exploitation and how the system normalises the idea that material commodities should be suffered over.
The bruegelesque compositions reinforce a struggle for control over social status whereby the media object is shown as the ultimate status symbol, The ultimate solution for connected viewing.