The Black Wo/Man is The Future of The World

  • Ibrahim Cisse
Curation/Realisation of solo exhibition “The Black Wo/man is the future of the world”.
The exhibition (4-15 December 2017) happened in the Dyson Gallery (Royal College of Art). It consisted of a sound installation taking visual cues of marginal living conditions and experiences of fellow citizens I have met between South Africa and The Gambia (Summer 2017).
The installation was a participatory project in which the audience was invited to edit a mural next to poem I have composed and hand-painted for the occasion.
The material gathered to create the soundscape (47minutes) was based on encounters and extensive discussions with a multi-generational range of individuals, and mixed around musical compositions from on revolutionary artists.
The exhibition was puncuated by a 'Sonic Lecture' in which I invited Pan-African Musician Petite Noir to speak about his creative process as well as his Noir Wave project, a creative and artistic pool/movement proposing to bridge gaps between Africa and the occident.


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