The body as Subject

  • Tanyel Jessie Arif
As published in C-Heads Magazine:
“Based upon current social stigmas on creatives on the social media platform Instagram, who are using their bodies as either sexualised or non-sexualised objects but nether the less as an art form to be consumed by a wide audience. It is all about how we can conclude what can be viewed as sexualization of the body, and how we assume we know the character behind an ‘insta famous’ individual. To question whether their choice of representation is true to who they are or whether it is just a manipulation of the platform to convey a certain style or target a niche in the current market. The controversial topic on the body as an ‘Object’ or ‘Subject’ is discussed in depth by theorists such as J.Berger, D.Bate, S.Bull etc. and I personally feel from taking these influences and studies myself, can be conveyed through visual messages in a body of work like my own.”


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    C-Heads Magazine