The Boy with the Topknot

  • Gareth Belsey

As Music Supervisor for the film, I worked closely with both Kudos and Parti Productions throughout the production process and across both the creation of the score and direct music licensing. I worked with the Producer and Director to establish a creative brief, liaised with several composers + composer management teams, arranged composer pitches, negotiated contractual deal terms + project fees, provided music rights advice, lead on music clearances + licensing, and overseeing the project throughout. The Boy with the Topknot is a feature-length drama based on the critically acclaimed memoirs of award-winning journalist Sathnam Sanghera and produced by Kudos + Parti Productions for BBC Two. The Boy With The Topknot is an autobiographical account of Sathnam’s childhood in 1980s Wolverhampton, his escape to London, facing up to painful family secrets and truths in his twenties - not least that his father and sister had suffered from schizophrenia - and defying traditional family expectations of an arranged marriage.