The Claudes SEN Law UK Petitions and Campaign

  • Aquayemi-Claude Garnett Akinsanya
  • Joana Alarcão


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In our day in age, sometimes it can be a challenge to navigate new environments and face the reality that some communities are denied basic rights just because they are deemed unfit. However, some individuals strive to bring change and take action.
Young Activist Aquayemi-Claude Garnett Akinsanya is one of them, creating the UK petition, Claudes SEN law, that looks to fight inequality within the special needs education community.
The individuals from these communities are denied basic educational rights, which hinders their development and progression to the workplace.
Therefore, today, Claude comes to share his story and the story behind the campaign, so you can to, raise awareness of this cause and help reach 10.000 signatures to reform UK governmental laws.
Quoted by magazines Journalist ~ Joana


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Please all ~ Join #TheClaudesSENLaw Challenge @Iam_Claude25 10,000 signaturers is the target before the 10th June. ~ UK Petition and International Campaign. (Link In Bio)