The Complete Leather Guide: Sustainability, Longevity and Care

  • Nienke Creemers

We brand ourselves as leather daddies and skin fetishists since Rosalia’s release of Moto Mami, but which leather type is the best choice for a sustainable wardrobe? For FARFETCH Image by FARFETCH

During fashion week in Milan, we saw style icon Kim Kardashian rock up in Prada's green leather tailoring and grey leather trench coat by Raf Simons. From that moment on leather hasn't left our minds –– the same goes for all references to Rosalia, leather daddies and skin fetishists. At night we can only dream of draped calf leather, suede jackets and faux leather bags, but most of all we dream of a perfectly tailored leather co-ord.
Of course, we question the ethics of leather. Cause if we are honest, we don't know how sustainable and ethical natural leather is, and would a faux option actually be the answer? We've found that every leather kind has its pros and cons, so we set out on a mission to get all information regarding leather on paper. In this article, we will help you choose between the enormous variety of materials. But before we start our deep dive, it is important to note that FARFETCH does not sell any exotic leather or furs.

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