The Cyborg Woman - Mythic

  • Jasmine Hippolyte
  • Haudrey Bancouly

This project aims to use the cyborg woman to illustrate a new era of what it means to be human while exploring the themes of post-humanism and singularity. Styled using items solely created ethically and sustainably. 'The Cyborg Woman' represents the future world where nature and technology merge and highlights how the fashion industry can represent the new 'cyborg' image by incorporating both the concepts, designs and work of artists studying new forms of design due to advancements in technology e.g 3D printing, bio-design, Digitally rendered garments etc, and increased awareness in biodiversity and sustainability whilst showcasing value's paramount to the new generation of women. Creative Direction, Research, Production and Styling by me Photographer: Henry Andrew Makeup: Haudrey Bancouly Assistant Styling: Gaga Model: Jessie Wang Costume Design: Feiyang and Kim Gyouree