The Depaul Box Company

Depaul UK is a youth homelessness charity with a limited budget, who we have been working with for a number of years. The traditional charity marketing model relies on getting people to care enough about your cause to donate. But recently we decided to stop asking for sympathy and started being useful.

Instead of relying on donations, we’ve helped Depaul to broaden its horizons and act like a business. Instead of raising money, we decided to start making money.

Everyone associates the homeless with sleeping in boxes, so why not sell boxes to help the homeless? And so The Depaul Box Company was born. The boxes look, cost and work exactly the same as all the others out there. The only difference is that ours do lots of good.

Depaul UK now has a sustainable business model on which to fund homes for thousands. We’ve turned the cardboard box into a lifesaver.