The Diane Abbot Care Package

  • Sophie Duker
  • Leyla Reynolds

GoFundMe Campaign in support of Diane Abbot - goals now achieved, read more.

Our girl Abbott had to bow out from campaigning after nearly THREE DECADES battling combined racism & sexism with one hand, and building up Hackney with the other.
That aint right.
We know she gon' be back though, rising from the ashes like Solange to take her Seat At The Table. And by table we mean Cabinet. And by seat we mean the position of Home Secretary, haters
Right now Di's in serious need of self-care & we want to say thank you for being the mostest so we going to send her a care package.
Care Package contents*:
- Some TLC (albums CrazySexyCool and FanMail) -  Audio recording of Serena Williams reading Maya Angelou - At least two litres of coconut oil - Some beautiful bars of CHOCOLATE -  A copy of Michaela Coel's Chewing Gum Dreams -  Bouji af Candles (fyah bun dem) - Homemade fried plantain - Rose Granger-Weasley fanfiction
*Provisional. We skipped the chocolate, fanfiction and audio recording in the end because of time constraints and concern that choc isn't conducive to D's condition.
For real though, we GENUINELY sent DA a boom-ting care package! We spent £83.18 of donations on it, after which every penny extra was donated to three Hackney charities.
If you want to send Diane a private personal message, or gift her a real-life object/voucher/treat, email or DM us and we will either arrange to get it from you or advise you on how best to get it to her yourself.

Here's where we're sending the muns:
First charity chosen is Hackney-based Project Indigo for LGBTQ+ youth.
The second Hackney charity we'll be supporting is THE CRIB.
"The Crib is a social inclusion/Intervention project which works with young people aged between 9-24. Who are NEET - At risk of offending, Gang affliated or are in ‘Targeted’ groups in areas which need support, Delivering positive activities to help develop positive young citzens."
The third and final charity is the Refugee Women's Association.
So she aint perfect. She slipped up more than once. She's abrasive. But the level of vitriol, recycled hate and scrutiny she's been subjected to in comparison to other (paler, maler) MPs who fudge their numbers, make spurious statements, actively offend and don't know their Brexit from their breakfast is objectively insane. 
Check out a summary of bae's political career on her website:
Cast your eyes 'pon the Media Diversified piece on Misogynoir vs The New Politics that inspired this campaign:
Bridget Minamore's excellent article on black women being put off politics by racism and misogyny
Lady Di herself speaking out as recently as February
Gaby Hinsliff for The Guardian on the bullying of Aunty Di

Sophie, 27, comedian and Hackney North resident.
Tony, 25, film professional. Resident in Haggerston.
We vow to have complete transparency on what is sent to Diane and where the funds end up.  
Hold back the hate guys. This is a time for love.
#noracism #nosexism #nomisogynoir

The Queen Di Tee

Campaign Info

Diane Abbott is a queen. In 1987 she made history by becoming the first black woman ever elected to the British parliament. She’s spent THREE DECADES battling combined racism and sexism with one hand, and building up Hackney with the other. She has consistently voted in favour of LGBTQ rights, higher disability benefits, and jobs for young people. Abbott is pure fire, military-grade black girl magic.
Finally, you can big up Aunty by wearing her fierce face on your chest.
Artwork by the incredible Leyla Reynolds (in-house illustrator at Gal-Dem), concept by MANIC PIXIE DREAM GIRLS and 3rd Rail Clothing.
The Queen Di tee and sweatshirt are limited-edition items raising funds for Women Against Rape (80% of all profit goes directly to W.A.R.)