The Dots x Pinterest - Reimagining Christmas

  • Alanna Georgette Proctor

So incredibly excited and chuffed to be one of the 5 winners of The Dots x Pinterest Reimagining Christmas campaign!! My chosen brand was Sony Music, and my idea was inspired by capturing candid Christmas memories and moments which are sparked from music. Bringing music, families and Christmas together. With the hashtag being #NeverTooOldForChristmas. No matter your age, music can be, and is enjoyed. It’s a wonderful element that has the ability to transport you back to previous memories, and get you excited to make future memories. It can be shared through generations, and can be a conversation starter for past memories that the younger generations weren’t around to enjoy. Music brings people together. This advert will be a series of images that customers and pinners can flick through as it will be in a carousel format. Inspiring the audience to head over to the playlist, listen and start making their own memories. Below you will find my mockups on how I’d like the advert to look. I decided to use family Christmas photo’s, which were all shot on 35mm. Some are from my nan - photo’s of her when she was pregnant with my dad, and then some of her with my dad and uncle when they were little, and some are of me, my mum and dad when I was younger. For the future advert and the photography, some of the images will be of separate members of the family enjoying some time on their own doing something related to Christmas. For example, a kid sitting on their bed, listening to music and wrapping presents; Dad prepping the Christmas Turkey; Daughter baking cookies and FaceTiming her best friend; Mum writing Christmas cards; Grandad sitting by the Christmas tree enjoying a whiskey and reading. All, whilst listening to music - either through headphones, a record player, a laptop, phone, speakers etc.