The Drum: Chip Shop Awards

  • James Goodwin Davies
We're proud as punch to have been nominated for a Chip Shop Award for "Best Professional Service".

The Chip Shop Awards celebrate pure, unadulterated creativity. It's a platform where anything and everything is allowed, an awards with no rules and no boundaries meaning the possibilities are endless!

Here's what one of the TMS team created....
Southern’s trains are cancelled a hell of a lot. This could be down to driver shortages. They must be doing something else with their time… 10 pin Bowling? Queue ‘Indeed’ to sell an opportunity on the social perks of a job.
‘Southern Strikers’ – It’s got a nice ring to it, anyway. Plus, did you know that "Ride The Rail" is a real term used in bowling to describe hitting the 1-pin on the right side, and then the 3, 6 and 10 pins. Aptly, also known as "'picket' fence".