The Epic Afterstory

  • Laura Fluture
  • Paul Craciunescu

Since the first edition of UNTOLD, URSUS acted like a broadcaster of the festival: dedicated audio-video and social media teams were present on site, covering the most important moments of the festival, on the brand’s social media assets. Furthermore, year after year, URSUS was the first brand to release a festival after-movie, the most appreciated format among festival-goers. However, during the latest editions of UNTOLD, other sponsors expanded their communication during the festival and are even releasing after-movies. From banks and retailers to telecom, chips and mints brands – everybody has their own after-movie.

Client – Ursus Breweries
Brand – Ursus Premium
Agency – Kubis Interactive
THE PROBLEM? All these videos look pretty much the same: impressive shots of the crowds and stage during main shows, mixed with closeups of people having fun and staged shots of people interacting with the camera.
CHALLENGE Given the uniformity of content produced by sponsors, we needed to find a way to stand out as the supporter of authentic epic fun. We set out to engage people in a meaningful way both during and after the festival, by tapping into their natural festival behavior.
IDEA After all, one of the greatest validations that you truly had an epic time during UNTOLD is making it into the after-movie, so we wanted to give everybody a chance to be in the after-movie by creating the first after-movie made up completely from their Instagram stories: The Epic Afterstory.
Alin Marghidanu – Creative Director Alexandra Horvath – Group Creative Director Alina Răduț – Senior Art Director Laura Fluture – Art Director Paul Crăciunescu – Copywriter Ștefan Chirițescu – Head of Strategy Ștefania Bercu – Strategic Planner Cristina Schițco – Group Account Director Florina Simon – Account Manager Andreea Sirbu – Account Executive Sebastian Lüba – Head of Social Media Mădălina Ioan – Social Media Manager Bianca Rimbet – Social Media Junior Executive Ionuț Avadanei – A/V Technical Producer Marian Ciungu – Editor Video

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