The Feminist Internet Podcast

  • Clara Finnigan
  • Conor Rigby
  • Rhiannon Williams
  • Sabrina Faramarzi

Feminist Internet is a group of artists and designers working to advance internet equalities for women and other marginalised groups through critical practice. In this podcast series, the group explore the theme of Recoding Spaces, both online and offline, with the aim of diversifying internet spaces metaphorically, physically and digitally, intercepting homogenous zones and breaking the filter bubble. The podcast aims to not only expose these spaces, but to regenerate them in new and inclusive ways. RECODING UTOPIAS The importance of Queer spaces Since 2006 London alone has lost more than half of its LGBTQIA+ spaces. In this episode we explore what it means to be queer and the act of queering itself. Speaking to creatives and activists who are finding new ways of transforming and performing in Queer spaces, and why these spaces are so vital to the city and its future. Featuring : Amy Lame, Lucas LaRochelle of Queering the Map, Nadine Artois of Pxssy Palace , Jim MacSweeney of Gays the Word bookshop, and Ingo Cando RECODING MUSIC Has the internet truly brought autonomy to musicians? The Internet has changed the way we make, share and listen to music. Now, more than ever, female and non binary artists should have the opportunity to be heard on their own terms. But what are the effects of algorithm led streaming sites on artist autonomy, our listening habits and the value of music? In this episode we speak to those in and around the music industry who are challenging the way we make and consume music in the age of streaming. Featuring: Liz Pelly, Resonate streaming platform, SIREN collective, and Mick Grierson. RECODING ANGER Shaking off the shame of womxn's rage It has been argued that 2018 was the year womxn’s rage filled our screens, and a pivotal time for womxn freely expressing their anger. In this episode, we talk about whether as womxn we are beginning to shake off the shame that comes with being angry, explore different types of anger but crucially, question who in our society is allowed to be angry, and who is not. Featuring: Charlie Craggs, Seyi Akiwowo, Soraya Chemaly, and Kate Durbin. RECODING VOICE TECHNOLOGY Is a Feminist Alexa possible? The voice of Alexa is everywhere. It is estimated that 70% of recorded voices in the UK are female or female sounding. But what are the consequences of having such gendered voices encoded into our space? And what is the potential of voice technology outside of commercial contexts? In this episode, we speak to the learning partners and students of the UAL Feminist Alexa workshop to explore what voice technology could be, and why we need an alternative to the default Alexa. Featuring: Alex Fefegha, Josie Young, and Charlotte Webb.