The Flow

  • Edoardo Albertini
  • Nina Krause
  • Elisa Nalon

A study found that over half of the LGBTQ+ students get bullied for their gender expression. This is why we created “The Flow”, a board game based on fashion gentrification, to show kids that they can wear whatever they like, clothes have no gender. The box contains a board, cards, pawns and a Spotify code to listen to a playlist of fashion fluid artists. Furthermore we set up an instagram account and created an online version of the game to reach a wider audience and allow people to connect even when distanced. The aim is to create a fun game which includes an educational element in order to leave a positive footprint and help teachers or parents discuss difficult subjects like this one in a natural way.

This project has been developed with Nina Krause, Elisa Nalon and Enrico Lanza.