The Future Van

We were chosen by IDEO to complete a brief during university, to imagine a scenario 10 years down the line. The brief asked us to speculate a future for commercial van drivers, investigating the behaviors and user needs that currently exist around van drivers. Our response to the brief: In 10 years’ time, there will be no personal cars. Companies such as zip car, uber will begin a transport revolution in our cities driverless cars and electric vehicles look to bring us a variety of supposed benefits. But will this truly happen while keeping the automotive vehicle? The solution is a new system of transportation. A tube system that not only transports people in a faster and more efficient way. But will also revolutionize the delivery system that is taking over our roads today. The pipeline system will be directly connected to households and also pick up places. This will enable our new society to have a new way to walk, cycle within a greener space and environment while having more practical and efficient home delivery. What happens to people who need to carry heavy materials that the van previously was essential for? We have developed a companion vehicle, that is more compact and specific for an individual job. This maintains the human profession within an ever-developing technological landscape whilst making it more efficient.