The Futz Butler 'Unboxed' series

The second film from our UnBoxed series is here and features the seductive talent of The Living Gods of Haiti.
Already drawing comparisons to Bat For Lashes & Tricky from the likes of Metro and Clash Music, the duo of Parisien producer Marc Collin and siren frontwoman Rebekah Dobbins (formerly both of Nouvelle Vague) blend a powerful fusion of esoteric imagery and ethereal dark electronica with mind-bending Sufi chants.
Citing influences spanning the worlds of documentary, literature and music (Dead Can Dance, David Bowie, the Cocteau Twins) regular Futz Butler collaborator Rebekah is back in our Central London studio, live in session performing 'Killing Lotus', the lead single from the pair’s debut album ‘Bone Dry’. 
In an increasingly risk averse industry constantly chasing faded copies of the last big thing, TLGOH offer up a much maligned alternative, a chance to peer behind the curtain and maybe find that magic still exists in music after all. 
The Living Gods of Haiti won’t stay under the radar for long…tuck in...