The gaming revolution: A woman’s future in the industry with Zoë O’Shea [@meowmentai]

  • Antonina Ross

In 2020, we saw a considerable jump in video games with female leads. I spoke with Zoë O’Shea, a game designer and developer about her experiences working in the gaming industry, the good, the bad and the ugly...

2020 saw a profound increase in female-led video games; significantly more than any year prior. However, more female characters are not the only cause for celebration, as we are also seeing diversity grow across the board. The improvement lies, not just with the amount of female characters we are getting but also, with gender diverse representation, and the way minority characters are written and designed. Gone are the days of unnecessary objectification. While we are still waiting patiently for more powerful female leads of colour – which is hopefully what games such as Deathloop have in store for us – we have reached the point where it’s less likely that racially diverse characters will be objectified and exoticised, as we have seen in previous games such as Citra in FarCry 3. Ending a decade of gaming on such a diverse note sure is exciting and I, for one, really hope to see the gaming industry continue to take inclusive strides forward in representation. But the question that still stands is: What is working in the gaming industry like for women in 2021?

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