The Global Village - Järva Film Festival

  • Zakaria A Hersi
Photo credit: Julia Dansarie
Film as a cultural expression is an effective way of creating meetings that bridge differences and create community. Therefore we organize Järva Film Festival for the third consecutive year.
The film festival communicates multicultural Sweden on a concrete example, bringing together young people and adults from different cultures, generations and suburbs and inner cities. This year we will also keep an education in film production and together with the young people produce their own films. We want to show that the suburb is more than the negative that is transmitted in mass media.
In Järva, minority groups live from all corners of the world who carry amazing stories and creativity. However, due to socio-economic vulnerability, rarely have access to platforms in the area that enhance their multi-identity, voice and creative aspects.
Not belonging - an identity crisis - is a fact in the suburb. By creating own films, we contribute to the exploration of our own cultural norms, expectations, values, identities and community. We also explore our relationship with the majority society, the prevailing injustices and opportunities.
Being able to express themselves through films is fundamental to developing an understanding and critical attitude towards the media that surround us in everyday life.