"The Gluten Club", 2017-2022

  • Tanya Shamil

The Gluten Club is an art account that aims to convey taboo Middle Eastern issues such as: honor killing, gender pay gap, inequality, and mental health through the medium of Pop Art. Featured on: "Tanya Shamil: Challenging Societal Issues Through Art", Oman Observer "Arab Pop Art, The Revolution and Instagram", ArtMejo "Tanya Shamil on her artistic origins, storytelling, and how culture inspires it all" , Unootha "7 Omani Artists on the Rise", Oman Magazine "Oman National Day: Nine Contemporary Artists Who Should Be on Your Cultural Radar" ,The National News "Kuwait Culture and Resilience" ,Medium "Creatives Join IPI MENA in Advocating the Arts for Building Youth Resilience ", International Peace Institute "Art of Resilience", MIME NEWS Also Seen On: Al Jazeera, Oman TV, Bein

"Evil, I" for the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival
"Through the Looking Glass" for the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival