The Good Gang

What is the Good Gang? The Good Gang is a collective of companies doing the right thing. 
All brought together by a desire to give back to people and the planet. More and more people are choosing to spend their money on ethical products and services – the Good Gang makes these companies easier to find. But it’s so much more than a directory.  Why does the Good Gang exist? A good idea is a good idea, and if it’s ethical it’s even better. But so many people with great business plans are held back by a lack of finances, redbrick education and/or support. The Good Gang is to make all things a little fairer. Nikky: "Last year I had a really lucid dream which woke me up with a jolt. ⁣ I dreamt of a collection of companies and social enterprises, which were all created with the intention of doing good for people and the planet, which all operated under one umbrella called ‘The Good Gang.’ I registered the company, bought all the domains, social media handles etc and in the background whilst building Nikky Lyle Creative and kept it in the background to pick up one day. But during times like these, it really amplifies the world under a microscope and I think now seems like the right time to really get to work on it and make the GG a real thing.⁣" ----- I've been lucky enough to submit a branding solution, as well helping @Nikky Lyle along the way by showcasing all other designs on socials. Discussing and 'virtually' meeting (thank you Covid) with 15 fantastic designers from the UK, Germany, Brazil and Uganda was truly exceptional and full of positivity! What you can still do! Vote! Vote! Vote! Here are the launches on socials, as well as all designs. More informations on all submissions on our Instagram page :