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One of my articles for the NGO Creative Conscience. Read on -

“It’s normally the things we overlook, when we are striving to find something better, that have the bigger impact”In 2018, Gabriela Matouskova won the Creative Conscience award with her community led project, The Gratitude Wall. Her mobile blackboard has already toured museums, galleries, festivals, schools, and workplaces. It’s where participants can share what they are grateful for. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview the artist and get an inside scoop on the original inspiration behind her project.
How did the project begin?
The Gratitude Wall started in experimental territory for the artist: Gabriela volunteered with Social Enterprise as a business adviser and came across the ‘Hope’ program led by the organisation. This program, that runs both in-person and digitally, helps people build up knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage the care required for people with chronic conditions. The artist explains:“I come across the gratitude exercise by volunteering with Social Enterprise. They used it to help people and their relatives cope with illnesses such as cancer or Alzheimer’s and to assist with the additional stress sickness can bring into their lives. I come across the Social Enterprise staff using this method and started using it myself. The project was a result of being inspired by these experiences, both other people’s and my own.”...

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