The Great BBQ

  • Danielle Adéyínká-Uche

Anansi, determined to leave behind a legacy and with his health deteriorating, due to seeing his people's spirit low, the people from the African diaspora. He hatches a thought - he must save the African spirit. But he can't do it alone. He sends invites to other African gods - his friends - to a hosted barbecue. But with laughter, celebration and distrust amongst them, their ideas on if the African spirit can be saved, is tested. Can Anansi convince them that his actions are necessary? Can he truly leave behind a legacy, or will he ruin his friendships and fail? Introducing 'The Great Barbecue' an epic that has been under wraps for more than 2 years. Juctice Ezi wrote this epic to celebrate the uniqueness of African, Caribbean and Latin American culture, whilst highlighting these untold African gods, that inspired countless of tales and to provoke people on different political views on the African diaspora. Had the privilege of being Company Stage Manager for this show for the Theatre Peckham's fringe in June 2022


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