The Greenhouse

  • George Sullivan

The Greenhouse invites you to learn and experience climate change from the perspective of a twelve year old boy named Henry. This project features a short story, design for a mobile game and a promotional product.

‘Shifting Experiences'

The challenge of this brief was to choose a social and political problem (in my case this was climate change) then we had to create a set of 3 separate outcomes which compliment each other and tackle the issue.

1st outcome: the first outcome had to be paper based so i wrote an illustrated a book named the greenhouse which incidentally became the title of this project.

2nd outcome: The second outcome had to be digital, so i created a mobile game about climate change.

3rd outcome: the third outcome had to be something 3d, so i chose to create reusable glass water bottles that combat the the issue of wasting water. Water is a very important asset for the planet.
1st Outcome (print based)
The Greenhouse Book
The Greenhouse is a short story I wrote which invites the reader to learn and experience climate change, from the perspective of a twelve year old boy named Henry.
2nd Outcome (digital)
‘The Greenhouse’ game
The Greenhouse Game is an app that challenges you to take on climate change challenges, learn about the climate issues and also find out ways in which we could help the climate crisis. We can't stop climate change completely, but we can prevent it getting much worse. We can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce our carbon emissions  by cutting greenhouse gas emissions, we can build climate-friendly communities. in each level you are tasked with tackling some of the biggest issues of climate change.
3rd outcome (3d) :
'The Greenhouse' Reusable Water Bottles​​​​​​​
water bottles: Switching from plastic water bottles to glass reusable ones, could significantly reduce your carbon footprint. It takes 1/4 of a bottle of oil  to produce a plastic bottle. This campaign was designed to make people aware of many of the major Climate change issues we face, such as flooding. the aiam is to convince people to make greener decisions by buying a single reusable water bottle. instead of contributing to climate change buy purchasing plastic bottles ​​​​​​​