The Greenhouse Enterprise Programme

  • Renato Bettini

The Greenhouse Enterprise Programme is a brand-new business support programme delivered in partnership with BIMM Institute, designed to provide training, coaching, and funding for entrepreneurial projects within the music industry by students from underrepresented groups.

Successful students will:

  • Take part in the Creative Business Essentials course, written and provided by Remi Harris, an award-winning trainer and Creative United business advisor. The course covers all the essential elements new entrepreneurs will need to know – from registering a business and building awareness to contracts, business bank accounts, taxes, collaborations, and values.

  • Be matched with another Creative United business advisor for an exclusive one-to-one coaching session. They will help students implement what they learned on Remi’s course and put it into action – creating a plan for their business and getting it into the market.

  • Receive funding from a fund BIMM has created, allocated by a panel of industry experts. The experts will be convened by Creative United and drawn from the world of funding and investment for the creative sector – all well-known names across the creative industries.
To find out more about this programme, head to the Creative United website here:

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