The Happiness Diaries

  • Aman Malhi

Campaigning for greater happiness

The Happiness Diaries is a campaign to inspire happines in our society. With "enter statistic" the importane of taking time to yourself and relaxing seems to be less important than work.

With a collections of over 200 drawings of people's happiness, the catalogue is a way to encourage people to do things that make them happy. Be it something small, like having a cup of tea, or something big such as going on holiday.
To reach a wider and larger audience, these drawings were placed into a website format that would allow users to access the information from anywhere.

At the time of this project, the pandemic was at its peak and I felt that it worked well as a response to how people were feeling during the lockdown. This led to the idea of creating an Instagram page that would post a drawing a day and people would be able to get involved with a #.