• Sarah Murphy

The aim of this project is to change or encourage food habits within the everyday household, in the hope of slowing down the effects of food on climate change. Ireland alone is producing one million tonnes of food waste which is left to decompose in landfills continuously releasing greenhouse methane. The book mainly focuses on foods that can be sourced in Ireland to reduce transportation impacts on the environment. It also includes recipes on how to use up leftovers. The typographic palette came from studying both of my grandmothers recipes. Studying how each individual reads, writes and interprets their recipes helped to develop a strong visual language. From this a key was developed using typographic markings to allow the cook to scan through the book quickly. The photographic style used creates a homely and reminiscent feeling when interacting with the book along with the materials used to produce the book. By gathering a colour palette from Irish households it helped choose the suitable colour and material for the book. It was important that this cookbook was built to stand the test of time and be passed down through generations.