'The Hunger' - a new play by Madeleine Farnhill.

  • Helen Denning

Kitchen sink drama meets post-apocalyptic horror, The Hunger is an original play about morality and motherhood at the end of the world. The stage show is produced by Helen Denning and co-directed by both Denning and Farnhill. To be performed at a Sheffield venue to a live audience in June 2021 (Government guidelines permitting). North Yorkshire, 1986. Megan and Deborah live alone on their farm in the Yorkshire Dales. A novel brain disease originating in pigs has devastated the rest of the country. Now, what was once their home has become their only refuge from an increasingly dangerous outside world. They have their farm, their food and each other. But the appearance of a young boy quickly throws their fragile harmony into a dark, downward spiral, that ultimately lays bare the cost of survival and a horror at the heart of their relationship.