The i is cutting noise from politics

  • Jess and Nina .

What would it look like if The i removed the politics from its political reporting? Young people are disillusioned from politics because the noise that surrounds it is alienating. So for the 12 days prior to the 2019 general election, The i will remove the politics from their reporting and go policy-first. We're removing all policitcal reporting that is not policy. By giving each party a secret codename, we can remove exisiting bias and opinions, to reset and reinform people's mindset.

The i will launch the campaign on its front cover, beginning the 12 days of politics free politics. By replacing party names with bias-free code names and removing anything thats not a policy.
For the whole 12 days, each party will be referred to as their secret codename. So people can allign themsleves with which party they agree with most, but do so without the bias of previous knowledge and un-related topics.
Reporting on the i will show bias free policies, easily digestible manifestos and censored live debates.
Any political ads on social media will come in the form of policy information only.
The ad-blocker style plugin will censor any political news from other outlets and redirect people to the policy only news. So you get a fully immersive 12 days without bias.

At the end of the 12 days, once you have registered to vote, the codenames will be lifted and you will be able to see which party you truly side with.