The Inbetweeners Movie

  • Daniel Prince
For the summer blockbuster THE INBETWEENERS MOVIE, we designed, shot and composited a 2 minute continuous shot which became the main title. An impossible shot starting in the clouds, racing down into suburbia, around houses, through Jay's bedroom. catching him masturbating on his bed armed with snorkel, and ham in his hands.

As well as our main shot, we did the graphics work for the teaser trailer.

We worked with Cathy Murray at STUDIO ZOO who stepped in to help out with the typography, illustrating the sillhouette and generally finessing things to level of slickness that the clients wish to use it for the entire print campaign. We’re therefore indepted to her and her studio.
extra VFX work

We also delivered 20+ VFX shots for the rest of the film including digital crotch replacement for the bashful teen actors. The entire production was bizaare, as a studio we’re becoming quite used to working on X rated material, but I’m sure that the things we were painting out could have had us locked away in some countries.