The Incorrigible Drawing CLÜB

  • Anna Sokolova

Call for Artists#14 with LADIES DRAWING CLÜB

Hello, with my LADIES DRAWING CLÜB we announce new Call for Artists#14 with the theme The Incorrigible Drawing CLÜB

deadline 6 of December
I am inspired by development and support. Inspired by communicating and selecting new arts and interviews during CFA. Creating an exhibition online is really just as exciting as a live exhibition. For the third year now, the CLÜB has been interacting with artists, supporting their development. For many, participation in the events of the CLÜB has become an important moment of the first communication with the curator. For some, this contributed to further serious successes, from exhibitions to participation in residencies. For some more, this was a moment to feel confidence and make a new step. That gives us a strong feeling we do right! Our community is growing and now is the time to join us again.
The Incorrigible Drawing CLÜB is probably the most accurate description of what we want to see as a result of the end of the selection of artists. We invite artists who are engaged in drawing, but also those for whom drawing or paper, the very style of creating art, is in contact with real-time reflection. When writing and drawing, it is to convey thoughts along the way of their development. As well as those who are attracted by the project and the name of the event. Who would like to participate in the new online exhibition that we will open in January.
All the artists selected during The Incorrigible Drawing CLÜB Call for Artists#14 by LADIES DRAWING CLÜB will be presented with online show during dates: 4 - 31, January, 2023 on
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Curated and created by Anna Sokolova.
Graphics by Anna

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